Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Heart of Flesh

The past few weeks, God has been leading me to read certain books of the Bible. This last week it's been Ezekiel and Joshua. One verse really stuck out at me.

"Then I will give them one heart, 
and I will put a new spirit within the, 
and take the stony heart out of their flesh, 
and give them a heart of flesh." 
Ezekiel 11:19

God is renewing our minds and our spirits. He is taking our stony hard hearts that have bitterness or jealousy, anything not of Him, and if we choose to give our hearts to Him; He will turn them into hearts of flesh, full of love and compassion to people, precious and beautiful in His sight. He is jealous for us; for His church and for His bride.

The past two weeks, students have been learning about Hearing God's Voice and Worship and the Word. Our third week of lectures on Worship and the Word kicked off with a dance/worship party in the rain during intercession. It's so cool talking with students about lectures and what they are learning.

 Local outreach began two weeks ago with Song and Story, The Hub, and the first ever Campfire Sessions. We shared songs we wrote, worshipped and interceded for the city of Toowoomba, and ministered to the local artistic community. The Lord is our strength!

Last Thursday night I went to the Hub. Someone will lead worship for one hour and then will switch with a different person for the night from 6-10pm. The Lord's Presence was so thick in that place. Everyone from around Toowoomba can come to pray for Toowoomba and worship and commune with each other. There was a woman who is a pastor's wife who shared a testimony. She said that she experienced the Holy Spirit for probably the first time a few weeks ago and it smashed her church (her words, not mine). Since then, she is full of the Holy Spirit and loving it. I also had a woman pray over me and tell me to keep on pursuing my passions and callings. It was so encouraging.
I was reminded in that night that God really does have my back. He never leaves us and is constantly calling us into Him.

Last week I started working on the Freedom Project. I've started by researching Destiny Rescue and possible church and market venues to share the work of Destiny Rescue and invite people to donate to rescuing children out of the sex trade and giving them new life; life to the fullest.  I'm so excited to see what God has next in this project.

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone! Us girls had a very special day on Sunday. The guys blessed all of us with hand written valentine's day cards and chocolates. Aren't they sweet? We also had a girls night where we watched a movie and ate guacamole, cheese dip and chips. We called it "A Guac To Remember".

Thanks for all your prayers and support. If there is anything you need prayer for, please email me or write a comment below. Also if you could be praying for:
-Continued unity among students and staff of YWAM Toowoomba
-Healing for two people who got hurt on Saturday. (praise report for this. The staff that got hurt on Saturday said that due to us and others praying for his broken collarbone, he is feeling a lot better. He even had his brace off this afternoon. Please be praying for continued healing and peace during the waiting time)
-Ministering opportunities in Rural to Coastal, Freedom Project, and Campfire Sessions. Campfire Sessions happens bi-weekly and they have another event this Friday night. We are ministering to the local artistic community through a concert at a cafe called Bon Amici's every two weeks.
-Rest and peace for the base as a whole.
-For us to hear the word of God and speak it out in Truth.