Saturday, 30 January 2016

You Will Remain

"As I sit here again listening
To the resounding chatter of the kookaburras
The leaves rustling in the trees
See magpies gliding and soaring
I remember, I remember, I remember

Your holy mountain, Your promise to us
You will never leave us nor forsake us
I cling to You and I am free
From all that overwhelmes me

I choose love, I choose joy
For You are the only One who satisfies
Never will You leave us or forsake us.
You will guide us, restore us

Renew my mind and my spirit
I am not alone, for You are with me
The old will pass away, but Lord You will remain
Even if I am slain, You will remain."

"Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree"

This is a song I wrote a couple weeks ago after coming back to staff here and it sums up what I've been learning in the past few months. That God will never leave us or forsake us and that we can choose love and joy, every day. It's already inside us when we have the Holy Spirit and we get to partner with Him in love and joy. We are becoming more and more like Him every day. I love it!

The students arrived a week and a half ago and they are an amazing bunch of people. On their first day here a bunch of them started singing and playing whatever instrument they could play and more and more people joined in until it was a big worship party. I've never seen something like it and Holy Spirit's Presence was over the whole place. Mmm..
Their first week was on Identity; who they are in Christ. I love this topic. Everyone needs to know who they are in Christ; not what the world says they are, and walk out in that Truth.

Tim Tam slam night. Notice I'm the only one looking at the camera.

This last week for me has been business as usual. I've been typing away answering emails, paying bills, processing payments, writing articles for the YWAM Toowoomba website, figuring out how to update and reformat the risk management stuff they have here.

I played piano in worship on Monday and this morning at church; which was a blast. We have Intercession once a week where one of the staff will explain a topic or an issue and we will pray about it. This last week was on the sex trade; specifically with girls in Thailand and Cambodia. This issue is so close to my heart and I am so happy I will have the opportunity to partner with an organisation who rescued and loves on girls who have been in the sex trade. Thank you God!

The staff and students shared their testimonies with the group the last few days and I believe they are getting freedom from many things. God is showing many revelations to us all. 

This morning in church; the pastor got us to pray and ask God to show us our identity in Him; what He thinks of us and what our name is in Him. A few months ago; during outreach in Cambodia; the Lord had shown me what His name is for me. I'm His dear one, precious and a daughter of the King. So I asked God to show me more of who I am and what I can do with this revelation. God told me that I have been given authority and power to speak truth into other people's lives and show them that they are precious; they are God's dear ones; they are daughters and sons of the one true King. I've been thinking and praying about that for a while; but today when I was picturing me sitting in my Daddy's lap and talking with my heavenly Father; it felt so real to me. It's so great that God gets to bless us with good gifts and love on us and cuddle us in His lap.

A picture of our heavenly Father; mighty lion; protector.