Sunday, 17 January 2016

The journey continues

Hello from wherever you hail!
I've been in Toowoomba, Australia for two weeks now and thought it was about time to write a blog to catch everyone up on my goings on.
On January 1st, early in the morning, I hopped on a plane to Australia. 3 plane rides, one bus ride and 36+ hours later, I was in Toowoomba. I got to talk with a wonderful lady on the bus ride from Brisbane to Toowoomba.
When I got here I found out that I will be doing Admisssions and accounts work for my ministry contribution. I'm so happy to be using my skills and gifts to bless this base!
I'm also going to be a part of the Freedom Project which I believe I've talked about in previous posts. We will be partnering with Destiny Rescue to raise money and support to rescue girls from the sex trade and bring them into homes where they will be loved and cared for and know more about Jesus and their identity in Christ. Then they will get training in a career they want to go into and be able to make a difference in the world. Our goal is to speak in 100 churches and raise $15,000 to support and rescue girls in the next two years. I'm so excited to be a part of this project this year.
I also will be helping out a bit with the rural and coastal project. I was with a team this Sunday in a little town called Cambooya. We led a church service; sang some worship songs, me and another staff spoke on identity in Christ, and we got to talk with the congregation members afterwards. They are so amazing and welcoming. I hope we can go there again.
Their goals are to evangilise and bring the kingdom of God through music ministry in rural and coastal towns of Australia. They are planning on doing ministry in Farmer's markets, schools, churches, street evangilism, basically wherever they can.
The students start coming on Thursday, so we are all getting ready for them in different ways. Part of my job is to get the registration table set up for the students when they arrive and get their last things they need done (like visas, insurance, trave info. etc) The DTS staff have been praying for each student individually and have been preparing their rooms and the base.
Us interns have been getting orientation and training in the last two weeks and have two more times to go for training. We've learned everything from leadership to conflict resolution.  During the week, we have worship and Bible reading to start our day and have a team building time once a week.
Also, it's been pretty hot during the week, so we have a scheduled time after lunch where we can swim in the pool (three years in the making and finally finished. Yay!) or just relax.
I haven't taken many pictures so far, but here's a few for your viewing pleasure. :)

                                        In Vancouver airport by the giant fish tank
                                                          View from dining hall
                        The view from my desk in the office (can you see the printer?)
                                                  Ouside view on a cloudy day

Have a great day and God Bless! Thanks for your prayers and support and I'd love to here more about your happenings. Praise reports, prayers, anything,  I'd love to hear from you.