Thursday, 31 December 2015

On the road again...

     Hello everyone. I hope you all have had a wonderfully merry Christmas and a happy new year.  I sure have.  These past few weeks have been so great spending precious moments with friends and family.  I had a going away party and my birthday party this past month and enjoyed spending time with friends.
Young Adults Christmas Party

My best friend and me at the Young Adults Party

Mom's YMCA-YWCA staff party
Me and mommy

Meet the parents

Me and Dad on his birthday with a scarf I made
     I've been thinking a lot lately about things I will miss and things I'm looking forward to over the next year. I'll miss my friends and family most. Their laughter and energy, their smiles, being with them through good times and bad. I love you guys so much!  I'm also looking forward to seeing my YWAM Toowoomba family again. Their support and guidance has been so great this past year as it will be in the next year as well. I am also looking forward to guiding other students through their Discipleship Training School and (crossing fingers) going on outreach again.
     If you haven't heard, my base is changing the streams that us interns can go through. They are no longer having mercy ministry interns, they are now having project staff and DTS staff. They have a few different projects to choose from, including filming and documenting the Sex Trade issue in Thailand and Cambodia, which I would still like to be a part of. Another project option that I've been thinking about a lot recently is rural and outback outreach. The people in this project group are going on outreach in Outback Australia and rural towns and villages in the country.
    I'd like to let you know of a few Yay God! moments. A few weeks ago, I accidentally backed into a parked vehicle. Both my car and the other vehicle had damage and when both me and the other guy reported the claim, the total was $1,400. I had bought a $500 deductible, but they said I have a $200 deductible on my car and that's the only amount I have to pay! Yay, God!
On my Dad's birthday, December 27th, my Grandparents, which I saw (I thought) for the last time at the beginning of November, surprised us all (except my Mom and Auntie who knew) by stopping in for a birthday dinner. I was so happy to see them one more time and visit with them. It was such a blessing.
    Next time I blog, I'll be in Australia. I would love to hear some of your adventures, too and am very grateful for all your support, both financially and in prayer.  You can send me updates in email or below on my blog.
Love you all!