Saturday, 27 February 2016

We Are the Body of Our God

students praying before worship practice

Hello everyone. I can't believe it's been two weeks already since I wrote my last blog!  Time sure does fly.

The last two weeks of lectures for students and DTS staff were Repentance and Relationships taught by two amazing speakers. Us project staff were able to hear them speak in Tuesday night lectures and Thursday afternoon Leadership Development Sessions. I had them both on my school, so it was cool to see them again and catch up with them.
Last week's Tuesday night lecture was about our relationship with God the Father and that He will never leave us or forsake us. He never turns His back on us and He is always there. I was so full of joy that evening because I was reminded of God as Father, as He showed me a year ago during overseas outreach.

Revelation of God as Father
I knew you before you were born.
I took care of you in your mother's womb.
When you were born I adored you,
changed your diapers, tickled your chin
and your chubby little feet,
counted every hair on your head and kissed your nose.
I whispered "I love you dear one" in your ear
and you understood and laughed and cooed.
As you learned to talk and walk I watched,
loving every minute of it
I was there when bad things happened,
crying out, wanting to protect you
and shield you from all harm
but knowing that for you to grow
you needed to fail sometimes.
Going to school when you were praying to me
talking to me about your day and all other kinds of things
I was walking right beside you holding your hand,
sometimes as your father when that's what you needed
and other times I shrunk down to be your friend,
but I never loved you any less.
I am still, was, will be, and am all these things
Protector, shield, provider, friend, lover, father, king
no matter what age you are.
You are my dear one, precious one
not just you but I think your thoughts are precious
your personality, your mind, all of you.
You are dear to me.
Look at me, into my eyes and see how much I love you
Look into my very soul, I want to dive deeper with you
for you to see my heart and mind and personality
and in that for you to see how I created you.
Come no longer as a slave
or hesitant to my throne
but approach boldly because you know me.

All of our identity stems out of knowing God, of having revelations of Him. When we look into His eyes and see who He really is, He shows us who we are.

Last weekend we climbed Tabletop mountain. I was so happy to be able to climb this mountain again.  I am not a mountain climber by any means of the word, but I sure to pray more and rely on God for my strength when I'm climbing up and down the mountain. And the view from the top is amazing! You can walk all around the top of the mountain, taking in the view from all sides. Breath-taking!


Tree growing from the rocks of Tabletop

View from the top of Tabletop
The walk around the top of Tabletop
Lilies from the top

Then, this weekend we had our first open mic night of the school. I loved hearing the students share songs they wrote as well as a couple of covers and remakes. The funniest thing that happened was when 3 girls came up to sing a song. Julia, a student from the Netherlands and a good friend, said that the song came about after prayer and starts with a classical piece. She started playing a classical piano song and then they started singing "What makes you beautiful" and then transitioned into a couple of other songs perfectly. One of the other songs was "Someone Like You" and when she sang "never mind I'll find someone like you" she realised she couldn't belt it out correctly so she just yelled it out. Her facial expression was hilarious!

This is Annie. She shares the same birthday with me
and is an amazing violinist. She accompanied 3
songs at open mike last night. Such talent!

Stu and Gunnar making up the band "Jack Pine Drive"
named after a song they wrote 2 weeks ago.
They played at the last Campfire Sessions.

Last night (after open mic) we had a worship and prayer night from 12-8am. The students and staff had 2 hour blocks where they worshipped and prayed for Toowoomba, the base, staff and students, and other things and people that God put on their hearts. I woke up at 5am to join the prayer time. We were praying for Europe as there were 4 people from Europe in the group and then saw that there was light outside so we went outside to watch the sunrise. We saw light beaming through the clouds and then blinding sun, nothing else coulee be seen when the sun came. I prayed, Your mercies are new each morning. When You come from the clouds, You will be the only One we see, Your light will shine so bright and glorious, nothing else will be seen but You. You are pleased with us.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Since my last blog the two people who got hurt a few weeks ago have been healing very well. The projects have been going along pretty well. The Rural & Coastal team spent this last Friday morning weeding for some ladies who have lost their husbands.
Rural & Coastal team weeding

The Freedom Project has been moving along with booking times in Churches to talk about the work of Destiny Rescue in rescuing and restoring children out of the sex trade. I have been busy calling churches and asking if they are interested in partnering with us and Destiny Rescue and will be continuing to do that in the next few weeks until the slots we want to book during overseas outreach are booked. We are also hoping to have a stall in a market in town that is on once a month.

Please pray for: 
-doors to be opened for the Freedom Project
-ministry opportunities during Campfire Sessions nights and open hearts
-breakthrough in churches across Toowoomba as we pray at the Hub every Thursday
-Hannah (one of the staff here) as she starts a youth ministry at her Church called Range Christian Fellowship that I've been attending

Have a great day and God bless!