Saturday, 8 August 2015

Next steps...

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Since my last blog post, I graduated from my Discipleship Training Program (DTS) in Australia. I miss the friends I made so much, but I'm happy for them and I get to see what they are doing on our group chat on Facebook.  We all learned and grew so much during our 5 months away.

After graduating I made the 48 hour journey back home. I stopped in on the way to visit a friend in Vancouver that I hadn't seen in three years.  I stepped off the plane and into the Winnipeg airport and saw who but (surprise), not only my parents, but my best friend and her mom and my cousin Brandon and Auntie Sherrie sporting a "Welcome back Princess Toowoomba" sign. So funny.

The first weeks back were filled with practicing piano and playing on my newly given guitar from a fellow student during my time in YWAM, as well as catching up with friends, going to young adults events, visiting relatives, and going to family reunions. I even got to spend a few Sunday mornings volunteering in the nursery at church.

I started looking for a job a week after I got back and got a job that started a couple of weeks ago working as a receptionist.  It's different being at work again, but it's pretty great talking with my co-workers and helping customers, or transferring them to people who can help them. I think that no matter where you are or where God leads you, you can be a light and show His light there, which is what I'm trying to do now. Or, I remind myself, working on God's strength, which comes from having the joy of the Lord.

So what's the next step for me, you may ask?
Well, I'm not sure. If you would have asked me that question before YWAM or even most of the months I was there, I would say that I will be looking for accounting jobs right after YWAM so I can work towards my CPA designation. This would require me to get a full time job in a designated accounting office and then pursuing my CPA for three years while working, with final exams after that time period.

And, don't get me wrong, I still want to do that. I'm just not sure if that's for now or in the future. An other option I've been thinking about for a while, since the last week of YWAM if you want to be specific, is to go back to the Toowoomba base as part of the mercy ministry staff.  It would be a commitment of at least one year in the leadership development internship -mercy ministry stream.  I would be doing things like local and overseas ministry, going to sessions on topics like servant leadership, and creating awareness on issues like the sex trade in Thailand and Cambodia.

I've been praying about it and would love some more prayer to see what God's plan is for me at this time.