Sunday, 7 June 2015

Last lecture week and local outreach

   The last two weeks have been fun. The week after we got back from outreach, we had our last week of lectures. We learned more about how to practically apply our time on DTS, about how to use the talents God has given us for His glory and to not settle for anything less than the best of what He has planned for us. My favourite part of the lectures was the day when we learned more about mercy ministry and practically being God's hands and feet, what it looks like to minister to nations with and without words. That is the heart of this base, so it was cool to hear more of the heart behind the staff here.
    Then, we had an open mike on Friday night where I performed my first original song. God had given me the song at the beginning of the week based on some pictures I got from Him during outreach of me dancing with God both as a daughter and as a lover in the future. I also loved hearing everyone elses songs because in them I could see how much they've changed since the beginning of DTS. God really transforms lives, not just at DTS, but everywhere.
    Then last week we had local outreach. We split off into groups and went around the city of Toowoomba blessing them and pouring out God's love. Some of the things I did was sing at a university ministry, help out in a soup kitchen, organize and play games with kids in a school, and plant in a garden.  I loved when we prayed for one of the ladies that worked in the soup kitchen and talking to patrons while eating lunch there.  It was so cool just hearing about people's lives and experiences.
    Another big thing that encompassed the whole of last week was recording songs for our base album. The day in the recording studio was so awesome. I was a bit nervous a few days before recording and had been praying about it. On the morning of I prayed and realized I was nervous mostly because I had some fear of man and was keeping control to myself, so I layed it down before the Lord and I didn't feel nervous anymore. It was so great going in to the studio happy and singing the song God had put on my heart about God's glorious light that shines through the darkness doing it all for Him. It's such an amazing experience to play with other musicians about songs that God has put on their heart to write and sing about. It's also seeing the song come to life, from me on my guitar singing in my room to the studio with guitar, base, piano, etc.
    Then, on Saturday we had a 24 hour worship and prayer room. We spent the day and night praying for the city of Toowoomba, for other nations and people, and anything else we felt called to pray for. We covered the city in prayer and worship, praying life into the city. It was so peaceful and I definitely want to do that more often.
    This week is my last week in Australia. We're having a debrief week with graduation night on Thursday and honoring night on Friday. I'll be back in Winnipeg next Monday. I'm having mixed emotions right now because I love this place and these people so much but I'll also love to be back to see all your lovely faces.
    Thank you for all your prayers.