Saturday, 8 April 2017

Your Will

Your Will

The many elders fall, they lay down their crowns
They look into Your eyes and cry, halleluiah
You are worthy Lord, to receive all praise
All the glory and the honour, power forever

For You created everything
And by Your will they were created
Not my will but Yours oh Lord
Not my thoughts but Yours

It's all for Your glory, everything to bring You praise
We sit at Your feet, and Your name we will proclaim

All the angels sing, they circle around
They look into Your eyes and cry, halleluiah
You are our worthy Lamb and we give You our praise
All the wisdom, glory, strength, power forever, power forever

And then I heard every creature in heaven
And on earth singing one song
We were all singing halleluiah to the One who sits upon the throne
Be praise and honour, glory and power
And we all say amen and bow down and worship His name forever

Last weekend I had the opportunity to play this song I wrote at our open mic night with 4 of the students. It was really fun to sing with them and share my song with friends. I also put the video on Facebook if you'd like to see it. But I think my favourite part was going back to the time in my head when I wrote this song and thinking more about why I wrote it. There will come a time where everyone praises the name of Jesus and says "Your will, not mine". Until that time comes, we can sit at His feet, give Him all the glory and let Him be king over our lives. Starting today, we can say "Your will, not mine".

Good news! I am going to Bali Indonesia from June 27-July 25th to volunteer at an orphanage.  If you'd like to hear more about my heart behind this, please free to send me an email or Facebook message and I'd be happy to share.

While going on a morning run this past week, I was thinking that I love my life. It is a perfect balance between being with people and having time to myself, between work and play, helping others grow in their talents and people helping me to grow in my own.

This past week, we as Freedom Project launched our website and advocacy videos. For me, it's been 2 months in the making to create our website.  You can click the links below to view the website and videos.

 Freedom Project website

The past two days have been so fun! On Friday night, me and Allison played a set at Campfire Sessions and had a blast. Then yesterday, we had a big brekkie on base. I loved the initiative the students had in making it happen. They even wrote funny quotes and lines on all of our paper plates. I loved the family atmosphere and the great food.

bacon, eggs, and hash browns, oh my!

After breakfast, Tess drove me and her to Crow's nest falls to go on a hike. It reminded me so much of going on a walk back in Canada. I had such a lovely time.

The "cascades" at Crow's nest national park

To top off an already amazing day, I went to see the musical Wicked last night with some of my fellow YWAM Toowoomba staff. I have been wanting to see this musical ever since hearing about it 5 years ago and listening to the soundtrack numerous times. 

The stage. The dragon's eyes changed colours for every scene.

Rikki has such a great talent for hair and makeup!
So excited for the show to start!

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook. I would love to hear from you. I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

possum eating an apple slice
cup tower with Nathan, Rikki & Adaja
making origami birds for our stall at Streets & Lanes