Friday, 26 August 2016

"You were born for this!"

I was reading through the book "The Dream Giver" this past week, contemplating the story of a guy named Ordinary who leaves the land of Familiar to pursue his dream. I couldn't help but smile while reading the entire book, in wonder that God is our Dream Giver. I stopped and asked myself the question, "What is my big dream?" "What can I do right now to launch me toward my dream?" While in a meeting with Freedom Project, I said out loud my vision behind my dream. I have a pretty big dream, one that seems impossible, but nothing is impossible with God. On of my good friends said, "But it's not impossible, you just have to start."

My vision is to call out identity in people, especially young girls, to show them and let them see for themselves who they are. I started years ago with being a leader at various girl programs. Now I'm taking steps towards my dream by being a leader in Bella and serving in Freedom Project. For me, every girl rescued from the sex trade is a girl who will come to realise their identity in Christ; that they are loved and have a purpose. Thank you everyone who's been praying. You are loved and have a purpose. Everyone has a dream and the Dream Giver's heart is for everyone of His children to pursue their dreams, to say your dream alone and hear your heart say, "You were born for this!"

Thank you so much for praying for the students on their school. I'd love to share a cool testimony from one of the students their week. The topic of this last week's lectures was on Biblical Worldview,or seeing the world from the eyes of the truth of God. One of the students was reading a quote from John Eldredge that was in their workbook about how each new stage of creation is better than the one before. This student read the quote and was in awe because God loves humans who over the years have spilled the blood of other humans. Not only does He love them, but He loves them the most. This student came to realise that "God's love is way more immeasurable than any worldly standard of love." Jesus died for the chance of knowing them.

This last weekend, I was a leader on the Bella camp. We spent the weekend learning about relationships, boys, and hashing out a little talked about issue for young girls, pornography. The weekend started out with a Welcome to Womanhood ceremony, which was for all the girls 13 years old and up. Us leaders had the opportunity of writing out blessings for each girl separately, calling out their identity in Christ and that they have beauty, value, and a purpose for their life. For many of the girls, Bella is one of the only places where they have people who encourage them and tell them that they have a purpose for their life, who love them for who they are, and who God says that they are.

Aussie Bush Dance
Talent Show - skit
Talent Show - song "Broken Vessels"
Talent Show - monologue

My favourite part of the weekend took place on Saturday night. We were talking about shame and how we can be free from shame when we step into the light of God's glory and grace. At the end of the session we asked if any of the girls would like to step into God's light, and so many of the girls stood up! I got to pray for some of the girls, and a story from one of the girls stuck out. She wanted me to pray for her and her home situation which wasn't the best. After I prayed for her, she told me something amazing. That night while we were listening to a song, "Come to Me", she sat down and closed her eyes. When she closed her eyes, she had a picture of her sitting on a bench and Jesus was sitting beside her. He told her that He was with her wherever she went, that He was her peace, and that she had purpose for her life. She said that she believed that there was a God but didn't really believe in Him personally. She said that even if this was the only time in her life where God showed up like that, it wouldn't matter because He was real and loved her.

at Bella camp

For me, that's what serving the Lord is all about. Seeing transformed lives, setting up the stage for God to work and calling out their identity. We love because He first loved us.

"Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." 1 John 4:7

I've been able to go out and love on people in surrounding towns in the past couple of weeks. This last week, some of us staff got to help serve the Salvation Amy in Gatton. They put on a BBQ each month for backpackers. We played some music, chatted to some people, served barbecue and dessert, and gave away blankets and essential items. I loved blessing and encouraging others, especially the volunteers who make the night happen every month. We even got to see a woman's ankle get healed. Yay, God! Thanks to all you wonderful people who've been praying for boldness and love for the people that the students and staff here at YWAM Toowoomba are evangelising and talking to. Your prayers are a blessing and I would love to encourage you to keep being bold in your prayers. Prayers work!

BBQ in Gatton

In December of this year, we will be having new directors, Michael & Paige. They are from England and United States, so there visa situation is a bit tricky. Over the past couple of months, we've been praying for their visas to come through and this week, we got some good news. They finished their visa application and sent it in to the consulate in the United States. Their visa has been received as a valid visa application and has started processing. We as a staff team are continuing to pray for their visa every day and would love your prayers as well. It would be great to pray for favour, that the application will fall into the right hands and that it will be processed quickly.

Last bit of news for everyone, you can check out what we are doing with Freedom Project, who we are and what are heart is, on Facebook ( Instagram ( I also wrote a couple of articles on the YWAM Toowoomba page if you'd like more information on what I'm doing with Freedom Project. ( (

Freedom Project Team

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